Mini Sessions April 20th & 21st

  • WHO: Children of all ages and their siblings are welcome!
  • WHAT: 10 minute session for each child which includes 5 high quality images of your choice from your viewing gallery at a cost of $85 (plus tax). I will capture the silly, the serious, and the genuine expressions of your little one!
  • WHEN: April 20 & 21, 2024, 10:00am - 5:30pm
  • WHERE: The multi purpose room of Agape Childcare Center (7737 24th Ave NW)
  • WHY:
  • Maybe your child's school photo was exactly what you expected from a traditional school picture (they have their own charm)... but maybe you also want a beautiful and more genuine portrait of them that captures their true self.
  • Maybe I photographed one of your children at their school and you would like a similar photo of their sibling(s) as well as some great pictures of them together!
  • Maybe you just know your child is absolutely adorable and you want some timeless portraits to remember them at this age forever.
  • SIBLINGS: Pictures of your children together, smiling, and laughing are the best!
  • Each child who wants individual photos needs to register for their own session (be sure to choose back-to-back sessions).
  • I will capture images of them together as well as on their own during their session time.
  • If I have already photographed your child(ren) at their school and you would like portraits of your other kids and sibling photos, just register your child I have NOT previously photographed. You can bring along your sibling not needing individual photos for FREE and I will capture sibling images during the session.