February 1, 2022

Family Session Preparation


I want your family photo session to be relaxing and enjoyable. We will be sure to get those traditional portraits but we will also take lots of breaks for play and adventure.  Let your kid(s) explore and have fun. Don’t worry about always looking at the camera or having the perfect smile. Tickle and laugh, squeeze and cuddle, whisper in someone’s ear, blow raspberries and tell jokes. I provide some direction to find those beautiful moments but for the most part I will just capture the natural joy of being with your family. 

Quick Tips to help you prepare:

  1. Getting Ready: Pick all your outfits ahead of time (see my “What to Wear” post HERE but if the kids refuse to wear something the day of, don’t fight them on it. We won’t get good pictures if the kids are uncomfortable or angry. Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to get ready before our session so you can come relaxed and feeling your best. I know life with kids is unpredictable, though, so just do your best and don’t worry about perfection. I promise to do my part to make you look great in the images (I have lots of tricks in my digital bag). 
  2. Things to Bring: 
  3. Snacks/Water Bottles: Be sure everyone has eaten a good meal before the session but I also recommend bringing plenty of snacks. Just make sure the snacks are not sticky, wet or too messy. Crackers and cheese, carrot sticks or apple slices are good options. Avoid “pouches” if possible as they almost always explode all over the kids shirt when photos are being taken. Don’t forget the water bottles to keep everyone hydrated!
  4. Wet Wipes: for cleaning up those inevitable messy faces or dripping noses. 
  5. Extra Clothes: Always have back up outfits for everyone in your family. You can leave them in the car and probably won’t need them but better safe than sorry when dealing with kids running around in the great outdoors. 
  6. During the session: Let your children explore and have a good time. I will give some direction towards certain places and poses and will help everyone smile and laugh but other times I will just step back and capture your natural family interactions. Lift your kids up, swing them high, show them things in their surroundings, get your face close to theirs, run, jump, hug, cuddle, kiss, tickle, and laugh. 
  7. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: My goal is to keep things light and fun. Try your best not to stress about how your kids are acting or if they’re being “good”. I have years of experience with children and can almost always get a genuine smile out of even the shyest or grumpiest kid once we warm up a bit. Don’t worry if everyone is smiling or being perfectly still. I will let you know if I need help but for the most part it’s my personal connection with your child that will bring out their natural best self.