January 1, 2022

What to Wear to a Family Session

The most important thing to consider when choosing outfits for your family photos is comfort and practicality. The goal of the session is to have fun and capture genuine personality and emotions. Make sure the clothes you choose reflect your true character and don’t get in the way of us having a good time. 

Color and pattern: Choose clothes for each member of the group that compliment one another without being too matchy-matchy. We want to be able to see each individual's personality shine while also feeling like everyone is at the same level of “dressy”.  I recommend picking a color palette with a max of 3 to 4 colors that compliments your skin tones first and then building outfits around different shades and tones in that pallet. If there’s one member of your family who is the most challenging to dress or who is the star of the pictures (such as grandma or a picky toddler), start with their outfit and build everyone else around their choice. 

Dress for the weather: Keep your eye on the ever changing weather and make sure to choose your outfits accordingly. If kids (or grownups) are too cold/wet or hot/sweaty it shows in the photos and can ruin the day. For cold and wet days, bundling up in cute coats, hats, scarves, and boots make for some of the most adorable photos. 

Have Back ups: Make sure everyone in the group has at least one backup outfit (for babies and toddlers I recommend two backups). We will be outside in sometimes unpredictable weather in the rain, puddles, mud, and sand. When your kid trips and faceplants in the dirt or has an unexpected accident you’ll definitely want something fresh and clean to change them into. When they rub their muddy little fingers right down the center of your beautiful top, you’ll be glad you have an extra one in the car.  

Be comfortable: We will be moving around a lot during your session: standing, sitting, kneeling, crouching, swinging, walking, etc. Make sure everyone can move their bodies comfortably in their outfits without too much bunching, twisting, or constant readjustment. Ultimately, choose clothing that allows you to feel both confident and like yourself.