February 1, 2022

Newborn Session Preparation

Here are some important things to consider before your newborn photo session:

1. Turn the heat up in your place before I arrive. We want to be able to have your baby in just a diaper and/or a simple onesie to take all those adorable up close pictures without the tiny baby body getting cold.  So, make it warm in there for your little one!

2. I like to take natural pictures around your home. Some key places are on your bed, in a rocking chair/glider, in the baby’s room, and on the couch. So, if possible, have those spaces arranged how you would like them to look in the pictures (bed made, throw pillows arranged, etc). Don't worry about perfection, though. We can arrange and move things on the fly during the session. 

3. Wear something you feel comfortable in and can easily move around holding your baby in a variety of positions both standing and sitting. I recommend avoiding shorter dresses or skirts which might bunch up or be difficult to arrange in the photos. If you’re nursing don’t forget to consider an outfit that will allow for easy access for the baby (you will probably need to do at LEAST one feeding during our session). I know clothes after just having a baby can be tricky. Try not to over think it… whatever you feel fits you the best right now will work just fine. The real star of the photos is your new little one!


4. I do recommend avoiding the following bright colors if you or your baby has pale or lighter skin as it can cause a strange color on you both: Red, Orange, Bright Pink/Coral, Yellow, Bright Lime/Grass Green. Whenever possible try to choose neutral tones but if color is your thing, just try and avoid the ones listed above (again, only for lighter/pale skin. Bold colors look fantastic against darker skin tones). 

5. When picking outfits for your baby keep it simple! The best pictures will be in just a diaper or a simple favorite short sleeve onesie.  I will bring a variety of simple cloth diaper covers that can fit over a disposable for a cuter look in the photos in case we need them. Baby bodies are so squishy and complicated clothes can easily bunch up, cover their face, etc. 

6. Have back up outfits for both baby and you when the inevitable blow out, spit up, leak, etc happens!!!


7. Don’t stress about what your baby is doing during the session. They will need to eat, sleep, have their diaper changed, and cry over and over again while I’m there. I’m used to it and lived it (I have two kids of my own). My goal is to just roll with whatever you and your baby need and work in photos both between those eating/changing/crying sessions (and sometimes during them). There’s nothing your baby can do that will be “wrong” or cause problems for me at all! 

8. Finally, if you have any special blankets, hats, or other treasured items you would like included in the photos, have those handy and we will find a way to incorporate them.